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The Wizard Golf Course

Get transported to the Scottish Highlands right in Myrtle Beach at The Wizard Golf Course!

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About the Wizard Golf Course

The Wizard Golf Course in Myrtle Beach offers golf enthusiasts a unique and captivating experience that takes them on a journey through the mystical world of golf. Nestled in the heart of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, this course combines traditional Scottish style with a dash of American flair.

Right from the entrance, the course impresses with its magnificent castle-style clubhouse. However, the real magic lies within the well-manicured grounds. The Wizard Golf Course offers a perfect blend of challenging gameplay and scenic beauty. The course is built around several man-made lakes, lending a beautiful water motif to the whole golfing experience, though the lakes also serve as obstacles that add complexity to the game.

The course offers an intriguing variety of holes, each designed to test different aspects of a golfer’s ability. From long, daunting par 5s to tight par 3s, there is plenty to keep players on their toes. Fairways are spacious and well maintained, while the greens are fast and undulating, rewarding players who can master their pace and line.

One of the most commendable aspects of The Wizard is its impeccable course condition. Despite high foot traffic, the course management does an excellent job of maintaining the greens and fairways, ensuring that golfers get to play in the best conditions.

In terms of amenities, the pro shop is well stocked with all the golfing essentials, and the staff is courteous and professional, enhancing the overall experience. The clubhouse also offers some refreshing post-round dining options, ideal for relaxing and discussing the day’s triumphs and tribulations on the course.

Wizard Golf Course Feedback

The Wizard is another masterpiece from the genius of Dan Maples. With this course, Maples found inspiration in the links courses common to Scotland. In fact, the course is even marketed at times as your opportunity to be “transported to the Scottish Highlands.”

Maples discovered a wonderful mix between Highlands characteristics and the kind of golf one expects to find in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina. You can feel the links inspiration, and the result is a unique golfing experience that sets itself apart from the many other great courses in the area.

At its longest, The Wizard is 6,700 yards, and it can be short as 5,000. The Wizard is a course that favors precision and patience. There are numerous holes where there’s water or bunkers that simply aren’t visible from the tee, so you’ll need to use GPS or learn the course the hard way!

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